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Site Preparation Guidelines for Storage Sheds

A level pad of ¾" crushed stone, 3" – 4” deep, 1' larger than the size of the shed (for example, a 10’ x 14’ building would require a pad at least 11’ x 15’). This will allow for better drainage around the perimeter of the shed for rain/snow melt dripping off the eaves - especially, if you are not planning on installing rain gutters on the shed. Water splashing directly onto the ground will, eventually, create a muddy area and splash up onto the shed walls. The gravel shed foundation prevents this to extend the life of the building. But this is your choice.

How level does my site need to be?
    We do not recommend having the site more than 12'' out of level.  Keep in mind that if the front of the shed is lifted up to level, you will need to build steps or a ramp to access your shed. Please supply blocking if required. Thanks

Do I need a permit?
    The permit is your responsibility and it is your choice whether or not you purchase one. Please determine what rules and specifications apply to you before purchasing your shed. We can draw drawing upon request.
   Also check for any neighborhood covenants or other restrictions before purchasing.

What are your terms?

General Terms and Conditions:

Driftwood Sheds Ltd.  is not responsible for ruts, septic or lawn damage resulting from delivery of any building or product. Driftwood Sheds Ltd. reserves the right to change or cancel delivery dates due to weather or conditions deemed unsafe for delivery.  Additional costs may be incurred for extended delivery times. All custom orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit.  These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.


Driftwood Sheds Ltd. accepts E-Transfer, as well as cheque or cash for payment of storage buildings, prefab cabins, and horse barns. A down-payment of $250.00 is required when placing an order. The balance is due before delivery of building. Down payment can be made with E-Transfer, cheque, cash or by credit card.

Product Prices:

All prices is subject to change without warning and may not be immediately reflected on the website.

Please contact us for more information.

How long will it take to receive my shed?
    If we have the shed in-stock, we can typically deliver within a few days.  On a custom order, our lead time is usually between 2 and 8 weeks.  Be sure to ask when ordering.

Can I choose what kind of siding I want?
    Yes, we install a variety of different sidings such as vinyl, board and baton, LP smart panel, and more please call for details .

What colors can I choose?

What are the exact sizes of the sheds

The shed size will very slightly to stay within the legal restrictions for size. Contact us for more details.

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