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Should I have windows

Should you have windows on your portable building?

You may have come to a point in your life in which you have decided that a portable building would fit in nicely with your lifestyle, be it as extra storage space, private office or workshop areas or maybe even a play-shed for your kids, just to name a few.

There are, of course, several things to consider when deciding to get a portable building, like the number of features you can include in it, and one of the features that people give the most consideration to is whether to have windows in the building or not.

Normally, when clients know exactly what they need, the extra space for and, taking it from there, it’s actually quite easy to make that decision: if the space is intended to be used with people inside, like in the case of a workshop or a playroom, where people stay for long periods of time and can even be moving around in there, your best bet is definitely windows, since they allow for natural light to come in and provide airflow in the building, which is essential when there are people gathered.

On the downside.

Having windows could easily tempt thieves to look inside, creating a security risk for the things you keep there but, the risk can definitively be lowered if you tint the glass and or add curtains or blinds.

If your need for a portable building is mainly as a place to store things in, then probably the best idea would be to not have many windows, or maybe even none at all. Garden hoses, lawn-mowers and tools for home improvement don’t really need sunlight or for the air to move around and having no windows could also help in deterring potential thieves. Also, by not having windows there are no water leakages in case they should not be properly closed, or pests coming in for the same reason, making the building well sealed-off for storage purposes. Your portable building can have electricity installed, so lack of light would not be a problem.

All things considered, it really narrows down to the main use you will be giving your portable building but, windows or no windows, you can be sure that a quality portable building is what Driftwood Sheds will be delivering once you’ve made your choice

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